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Terms and Conditions


In accordance with the Canada's Copyright Modernization Act, unless otherwise Indicated in writing, copyright of the works supplied to you remain the property of ESTATEXPLORE. The sales representative, broker, or our client (who paid for this service) has permission to use images and other works supplied by us on any electronic or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of that property. The Photos, Videos, 3d Virtual tours, Aerial shots and floor plans provided by ESTATEXPLORE may also be used by the Client’s brokerage, Broker or sales representative for the sole purpose of marketing the specific property on which services were performed. Ownership of the Photos and other supplied Media services remain the property of ESTATEXPLORE and license is granted only to the Client and Client’s parent company (example: the client’s brokerage, Broker or Sales Representative or any other parties who were involved at the time when services were being performed/requested by and/or to whom invoice was issued), and not to any other third party. Any usage of the media services by a third party is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by ESTATEXPLORE. The licensing agreement is valid only for the duration the property is listed for sale or rent and/or for whatever reason the services were requested and cannot be reused without specific written permission from ESTATEXPLORE. Stagers, Designers and any others who wish to use images taken by our Team should contact ESTATEXPLORE for specific licensing information. ESTATEXPLORE may or may not issue the right depending on the complexity of the project. Photos and other Media services performed on the property cannot be sold to another agent who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing. In the case listing was removed from the original sales representative, broker or brokerage(s), the new sale-representative, broker or brokerage(s) shall pay for the Services again unless otherwise an agreement was made with ESTATEXPLORE. Failure to pay for services will result in a copyright violation. Sales representative, Broker or Brokerage(s) will be asked to remove the Photos and/or any other services from any electronic or printed form of advertisement. ESTATEXPLORE will notify in writing to the parties involved and grace period of 24 hours will be given from the time of writing. Failure to stop complying will result in legal action(s).


If cancellation or re-scheduling is necessary, please do so with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Unless otherwise agreed upon any booking cancelled less than 24 hours is subject to a Cancellation Fee of $50. Unless otherwise agreed upon, arriving late to an appointment will be considered a cancellationOur team will wait for 30 minutes at site for no additional cost, but if the client does not shows up after the wait time an inconvenience fee of $50 will be added to the client's account. In the event of late payment a late payment charge of $50 will be applied to invoice(s) for each day its over due. In case of no payment by the due date(s) ESTATEXPLORE has all rights to hand over client's information, invoice(s) to collection agency to collect the due balance(s). In case of no payment ESTATEXPLORE reserves all rights to take down the media services and/or hosting for specific service(s) unless agreed upon a payment agreement. 



In the event of bad weather as such that prevents photography and videography and/or effects the ability do perform the duties, a new date will be scheduled at the earliest available time at no cost to the client.


Aerial services are provided using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). Equipments used by ESTATEXPLORE are registered with Transport Canada and are subject to Transport Canada regulations. Our team members are licenced to operate the drones, but will only do so when it is completely safe to do so. When booking aerial service, you give consent to ESTATEXPLORE to operate any of our Transport Canada registered RPAS on and above your property for the duration of the shoot and at any mutually agreed upon times. All RPAS flights shall be with consideration and subject to: weather, equipment limitations, safety of bystanders and property, Transport Canada regulations, and other restrictions. ESTATEXPLORE cannot guarantee that a RPAS flight will always be possible at the location and property of the shoot, although every effort will be made to accommodate aerial services.


By placing an order for sign installation with Estatexplore, the agent accepts full responsibility for locating, identifying and marking all underground equipment, including utility lines, cable lines and sprinkler systems. ESTATEXPLORE DOES NOT accepts responsibility for damage to underground facilities. By placing an order, the agent acknowledges that ESTATEXPLORE will not assume liability of such incidents. Locating and marking such facilities are the responsibility of the homeowner and the agent.

For signpost installations on vacant land and construction sites must have locator stakes in place by agent prior to placing the installation order.

We always strive to put each post in a location which will provide the agent with maximum exposure for their sign. However, we must take into account safety, liability and by-law concerns. Posts will be placed on the property at the discretion of our trained installers, unless special instructions are given with the order.

It is necessary for us to adhere to all by-laws that apply to signage. However, it is the agent’s responsibility to confirm by-law requirements before installation.

It is the agent’s responsibility to confirm with condominium boards or property management prior to placing an order for installation. Posts that must be removed

 Agents and homeowners are strictly forbidden from moving or removing installed posts.  If post or metal PVC post anchor is damaged in any way, agent/agency is responsible for a $120 lost/damaged post charge.

During Winter time snow should be removed from the location where the agent wants the post to be installed. We are not there to remove mountains of snow, please ensure the place is ready and free from any object that may make it difficult to install the post. 

We follow all the city by-laws while placing the sign post.


Our team will take full precautions while on site. We adhere to all safety guidelines provided by local authorities. If our team feels safety issue at the site we will let client know. We request that the property should be empty so that our team can perform the services quickly and safely. Our team has right to refuse to perform service on site if they feel that there is danger to their health. 

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